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Friday Night Funkin: FNF Pibby Apocalypse was added to FNF-MODS.io August 21, 2023 and currently site users played it 386 times.
Main description of FNF Pibby Apocalypse:
Pibby Apocalypse is a Friday Night Funkin mod where the Pibby virus had invaded the Amazing World of Gumball and started to corrupted all the characters one by one. This mod is inspired by Jakeneutron pibby mods.

Will Boyfriend be able to defeat all the corrupted cartoon characters with the help of Darwin Watterson?

Child’s Play – Song (Gumball VS BF)
My Amazing World – Song
Retcon – Song (Gumball vs Darwin & BF)
Forgotten World – Song (Gumball vs Darwin)
Mindless – Song (Finn vs BF & Pibby)
Blessed by Swords – Song (Finn vs BF & Pibby)
Brotherly Love – Song (Jake vs BF & Pibby)
Suffering Siblings – Song (Finn & Jake vs BF & Pibby)
Come Along With Me – Song (Fake Finn vs BF)
No Hero Remix – Song (Mid Finn vs Mid BF)
How to play FNF Pibby Apocalypse online:
Game is played with ARROW keys. Dance on rhythm and try to beat opponents.
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