FNF Sonic.exe 3.0 Online

More informations about FNF Sonic.exe 3.0 mod, avaliable below:
Friday Night Funkin: FNF Sonic.exe 3.0 was added to FNF-MODS.io July 12, 2022 and currently site users played it 12.8K times.
Main description of FNF Sonic.exe 3.0:
Fnf vs Sonic.exe 3.0 is currently under works and this is sneek preview of the game. Currently there is some issues with game and developers cancelled the release, but if something change we will relase the game here.
How to play FNF Sonic.exe 3.0 online:
WASD for playing game.
FNF Sonic.exe 3.0 Tags:
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*Note : Games ( ALL FNF MODS) are exported to HTML5 and optimized for playing in browser without download so they can have some differences from PC desktop mods you download from GameBanana and GameJolt.

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